Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Animal Dating

I have many animals, all with very distinct personalities. This entry presents to you the 'anthropomorphications' of my many furry companions, in the form of singles ads!

My dog transforms into the lovely Ms Suzy. She enjoys eating pasta and grapes, as well as playing with rabbits. She is a small lady fond of company and always happy to have a companion around.

Next in line is my rat- the suave and handsome Mr Belvedier. At 60 years of age he is still very spritely and active. His favourite activities include curling up on the couch watching Ratatouille and eating macadamia nuts. He prefers to sleep during the day and move about at night, but is perfectly happy to go for a lazy picnic at any time with someone who cares. He is very clean, bathing at least four times a day. He is lactose intolerant and so does not eat dairy products.

Ms Pickle is my lop-eared bunny. Her favourite foods include carrots and apples, and her favourite colour is orange. She loves exercise and is very outdoorsy. She is stubborn and strong-minded, and extremely intelligent. Solving puzzles is one of her favourite passtimes. She looks up to Harry Houdini and Criss Angel.

Last, but not least, the incredible Mr Splinter! This dashing young man is incredibly active and easily excitable. His interests include digging, climbing things and trying to fit into small spaces. He loves to eat meat, and doesn't really eat anything that's not meat-based. Splinter is a real party animal who enjoys playing games for hours on end, but he also won't pass up the opportunity for a good long sleep.

Who would you choose?
Mr Belvedier is currently sitting on my shoulder and I don't think he's going to move any time soon.
I think I choose him.