Sunday, February 20, 2011

Phat with an 'F'.

I just got back from an incredible overseas adventure with my other half, whom we shall call The Amazing 'Mr X' from now on, for lack of a cooler pseudonym.
As I have mentioned in the past, I have a pet rat, who is my absolute ultimate best friend. As I have also mentioned, my father loves my rat too. His name is Belvedier and that's his real name. My rat, not my father.
A few weeks before I went overseas with Mr X, I was told by the vet that Belvedier was a little bit overweight, and that he should cut mealworms out of his diet because mealworms are full of protein and too fattening for a rat of his age.

And so the one instruction that Father was left with- "Don't feed the rat mealworms."


Only eleven days later, I return, very keen to see the beautiful little boy I had left behind.
This is what Belvedier looked like before I left:

And this is the animal I came back to:

Needless to say, Belvedier was insanely happy about the amount of mealworms that he was allowed to chow down on during my absence.
I, however, was not so pleased. I picked up my pet, almost losing my pinky finger in between one of his rolls of fat. He squelched with pride, overflowing from the edges of my hand while he sat there like a happy Sultan.

He is now on a strict diet of pellets and zucchini.

It is a slight strain on our relationship.

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